All we are is bones, after all…   I looked out of the kitchen window for the fifth time in the last two minutes, each time with growing concern. Nothing. I saw nothing. There had been no movement in that house for quite a piece of time. I submerged the porcelain dish in the steaming, […]

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This Senior Camp was the kind you hear about in the testimonies of the elders. This was one that offers experiences that mark you for eternity. The presence of The Most High was tangible and forever left a Holy fingerprint on my life. It reminds me of the time when Jacob was wrestling with God […]

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The Dying Rose

Pretty was the dying rose That he plucked off the bush Brought beneath his lover’s nose with a soft and gentle push   Pretty was the dying rose Stacked in a bouquet by florists who are trained to know how to assemble a brides wedding day   Pretty was the dying rose Tightly held by […]

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On the Levee…

I sat on the concrete levee overlooking a murky lake. It was nearly ten o’clock pm. My leg dangled over the side as the water, appearing as nothing but black liquid, highlighted by the thin moon above it motioned in waves as a lightning storm developed off in the distance. As the lighting popped in […]

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Confined Wonder

I saw lightning today for the first time in a long time. I gazed out of the car window and saw the thick clouds as gray as my grandfather’s hair after standing in the rain. They were dark and heavy. I marveled at how beautifully electrifying it was and saddened at how long it has […]

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Windy Indy

Journal Entry:  Indianapolis bound! I am just another passenger on this plane. I was soaring high above Atlanta peering down at the sparkling city…we were so high up that it looked like a toddler scribbled on a blank piece of paper with a glitter pen! Upon departure, there was a thick haze filtering my view. […]

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Venetian Mornings

Waking from my deep slumber, I arose and walked onto the balcony overlooking the stagnant water that appeared to me as a sea of chiseled glass. Soft pastels blanketed the exterior of each building adorned with iron balconies and ledges. The sun was beginning to rise over the Venetian canals, illuminating the shadowed corners and […]

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